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The Louis P. Petersen Hall of Fame was established in 1997 to honor achievment in this one of a kind bowling classic. Bowlers are elected in Performance and Meritorious Service catagories with Special Recognition noted for others, as well. Congratulations to all inductees!

Guy "Buddy" DeLuca (1997)
Dominick Devito (1997)
Gene Biesack (1998)
Bill Kirshenbaum (1998)
Boots Kass (1999)
Charles Wallis (1999)
Don Scudder (2000)
Dave Armstrong (2000)
William Slade (2001)
Edgar Bud Lawyer (2001)
Ron Pollard, Sr. (2002)
Lee Snow (2002)
Don Breeden (2003)
Greg Muenchow (2003)
Robert King (2004)
John Eiss (2004)
Terry Shiery (2005)
Dean Billings (2005)
Tom Adcock (2006)
Stephen Peterson (2006)
Steve Gard (2007)
Rick Hara (2007)
Mick Cawetzka (2008)
Craig Harrington (2008)
Lennie Boresch, Jr. (2009)
Gary Green (2009)

Meritorious Service
Mark P. Collor (1997)
Andy Sebesak (1997)
Robert Budai (1998)
Arthur Mahall (1998)
George James (1999)
Anthony Fiore (1999)
Ben & Lou Loch (2000)
Herb Myers (2000)
Harold Kaufmann (2001)
Joe D'Agostino (2001)
Don Adcock (2002)
Estes Dobozy (2002)
John Dudas (2003)
Gino Straniero (2003)
Charles Larke (2004)
Lee Peterson (2004)
Alfred Butler (2005)
William Scheiwer (2005)
Willard Coleman (2006)
Richard Supanich (2006)
John Lipke (2007)
Jack Tinskey (2007)
Art Fleischhacker (2008)
Val Medich, Sr. (2008)
Syl Thiel (2009)
Don Witt (2009)

Special Recognition
John & Gladys Schober (1997)
Ronnie Huebner (1998)
Buddy Bomar (1998)
Don LaLonde (1999)
Syl Thiel (2000)

The Tournament Source

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Major Prize List
Singles Event

Based on 8,000 entries

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize
$ 6,250

4th Thru 100th Prize
$1,000 ea.

Plus 800 Additional Prizes

The 100th AMF Petersen Classic runs April 29, 2010 thru September 5, 2010. The tournament is 8 games across 16 lanes and costs $85.00 per person to bowl. Prize funds, contacts and additional information is located elsewhere on this site. Look around the site for information on lodging and some of the many great attractions in "Chicagoland". Hoffman Estates is a western suburb of Chicago located west of O'hare Airport.

There are also optional events in Singles, Doubles, Team, and All-Events. Not to mention a special tournament for bowlers that stay at an Official Petersen Classic Designated Hotel. Plus, try to knock down the heavy timber in The Lumberjack Challenge. Convinced yet? If so you can call 1-800-355-PETE and ask for Sandy.